With this blog, we want to provide our view on innovations shaping the main areas of our business focus - Advancement; B2B Marketing; and Technology Support. The aim is to not simply rehash what is being echoed ad nauseam on the web. Instead, we want to provide original, occasionally contrarian, but always thought provoking view - that we hope will be of value.

We provide innovative solutions to three sectors: B2B Marketing and Sales, Fundraising and Advancement, and Technology Support & Enablement.

For B2B clients we provide marketing solutions that combine traditional outbound techniques - telemarketing, email, direct mail - with inbound techniques - Content Marketing, Social Marketing, Predictive Analytics, and Account Based Marketing.

For Fund Raising and Advancement we help non-profit organizations unlock the promise of new technologies. Lester's offerings - Insight, Acquire, Cultivate - are aimed at: increasing new donor acquisition; reducing loss of existing donors; and reactivating lapsed donors.

For IT Support and Enablement our mission is to help make technology work for businesses and consumers. We assist customers in purchasing products, deploying technology, learning technology, and troubleshooting complex problems.