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Virtual Call Center Advisors

Lester’s Virtual Call Center Advisor Program allows you to work from the comfort of your home from any part of the country. Virtual Call Center Advisors are no different than our regular onsite employees. They are trained, supported, supervised like the staff that works at our global facilities.

As part of the Lester team, you would work on a broad range of interesting projects for our clients in the Publishing, Non-Profit, Information Services, and Technology industry. For example, for our publishing industry clients you would help renew or acquire new subscribers for our client’s magazines and newsletters.



The advantage for you is that working from home saves the hassle, time, and the cost of the commute. You also get the flexibility of using your break-time the way you want. You can work from home, but are expected to be professional.


Lester’s Virtual Call Center Advisors are responsible for handling various types of outbound and inbound phone campaigns for different type of clients in accordance with their requirements. Calls are to be handled in a manner consistent with the call handling procedures.

Advisors will help meet client’s project calls such as renewal or acquisition of new subscribers for magazines and newsletters; enrolling attendees for webinars or conferences; raising funds by calling alumni of colleges or schools.

You will be responsible for complying with all Lester policies, procedures, quality standards, and federal laws and regulations. This would for example, include honoring and documenting a do-not-cal request or compiling information in accordance with the calling procedures.

Skills Requirements

To be sure, not everyone has the discipline to work from home. Working by yourself from home day-in and day-out can be hard. Some people work better when they are surrounded by other co-workers. Or they miss the interactions with other employees. Some folks need that constant supervision so that they can achieve the project goals. Click here to take our test to check whether you have the temperament to be a Virtual Advisor.

Additionally to become a Virtual Advisor you must be 18 years or older, possess basic computer skills, need to pass required background checks. Ability to clearly communicate using a clear, distinct voice is essential. Ideally applicants should have prior call center experience.

Technology Requirements

To become a Virtual Advisor for Lester you will need a Windows computer and an Internet connection. Additionally you will also require a standard USB head-set for voice communication. Click here for a more detailed outline of the technical requirements.

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